In everyday life, we often hear voices over voices or voice actors or dubbers without us realizing it, such as when waiting in a queue, waiting on a train track, in an airplane cabin, and others. The form can take various forms, such as announcements, instructions, or just greetings. In this article, we will discuss which industries use Voiceover services? The following are the industrial fields that use Voiceover services:


The Advertising Industry is an industry that has a fairly large portion of using Voiceover services at this time. Advertisements are made to promote goods or services. By adding Voiceover to an ad, it will be more persuasive and more meaningful.


Many companies in Indonesia use radio and television to promote their products or services, which of course, is through an advertisement.


Hiring a professional Voiceover actor, especially with the aim of entertainment or entertainment, will help you improve the quality of your entertainment to be extraordinary. Dubbing films, animations, and video games are examples of professional voiceover services in the entertainment world.


For internal company purposes, Voiceover is used in training videos, presentations, etc.


Can use voiceover in training videos to explain a situation to prospective health workers in the health sector. Or it could use in a video that conveys health information to the general public.

Public Sector

These areas include government education, health, religious organizations, and NGOs. Public Service Advertisements and training videos are examples of Voiceover services products.

Video Games

Voiceover is an integral part of a video game. Starting from filling in character voices to sound effects (such as “Combo, Fight, Start, Finish, etc.)

A lot, isn’t it? That can mean that Voiceover or voice actor or dubber continues to grow and will always be needed for the media to convey messages to the audience.