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The MetaBoost Connection is a workout system and diet program from Meredith Shirk that will help consumers to improve the likelihood of keeping weight off when it is lost. The program is designed to work for anyone who takes it on, regardless of age or experience level.

There are very few people who wouldn’t be excited to burn a little bit of fat. Men and women suffering from clinical obesity should lose weight in order to save their lives; being overweight increases your odds of clogged arteries, heart disease, and other deadly illnesses. However, even skinny people should consider losing extra fat in order to become healthier and look their best. The summer months are quickly approaching, and we all want to look our very best when donning a new swimsuit on the beach.

Although the official medical industry has long had a vested interest in helping people regain control of their health and wellness by losing weight, advice for shedding fat has remained relatively static over the past few decades. To lose a pound of fat, you need to create a caloric deficit of around 3,500 pounds. Two pounds of fat, as you can already guess, means burning about 7,000 calories. If this seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. People who want to lose weight need to burn more calories than they consume. But medicine has also discovered one more component of weight loss that makes things a bit more complicated: the metabolism.

MetaBoost is an fitness sculpting weight loss system that has been created to help women burn fat naturally. By now, most know that no supplement can do all the work for you; we know this much to be true. MetaBoost’s creators argue that it can “boost metabolism” and help you to burn fat. This is especially essential for women over the age of forty, which is the core group targeted by MetaBoost. Women who are aging often can’t afford to cut calories and workout every single day. This is where a boosted metabolism can become extremely helpful.

Our editors spent hours looking everywhere on the web to find the facts and figures for and against MetaBoost. This guide is here to provide you with the information we uncovered during our research. Read on to learn what the informed consumer should know about MetaBoost.

What is the MetaBoost Connection?

Getting involved in any weight loss routine can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially for consumers that want to lose a lot of weight. Every single trend on the market today claims to offer a new and improved way to achieve these goals, though they are strikingly similar. The low-carb diet has been renamed and reintroduced to nearly every generation since its first inception, and aerobics never really went away.

Some consumers feel overwhelmed by the idea of introducing a new regimen, which is part of the reason that supplements are picked up so quickly. These supplements seem to do almost anything, from dealing with an overactive appetite to reducing the amount of carbohydrates that the body can actually absorb. Finding a program that can work with the body’s need for change is difficult, but the MetaBoost Connection introduces many concepts that users may not have considered before now.

The MetaBoost Connection supports women that have a passion for their self-improvement, but it doesn’t exhaust users with overwhelming and difficult assignments. More specifically, it supports women over age 40 that want to give themselves the opportunity to look better than they have before. The program entirely reshapes the way that their body works, teaching it to naturally maintain the shape that they want to have.

The whole point of this program is to use a combination of different techniques, rather than relying on the diet or exercise alone. Users will learn about Supreme SuperFoods, which are also called Meta Influencers. These foods are targeted exercises that can push the body to new limits. The exercises are based on a concept called isometric movements, and everything is made complete with the MetaLifestyle system. Users only need a few minutes a day to get through this program, making it easy for stay-at-home moms and professionals alike.

While there are many programs that claim to work for everyone, women over age 40 have a much different physiology than women who are younger. The body doesn’t perform in the way that it used to, leading to issues in the metabolism and a serious lack of energy. Meredith Shirk specifically designed this program to make it easier for users to achieve their goals without the disruption of their metabolism or lower hormone levels.

Metabolism and Inflammation

One of the major focuses of this program has to do with the way that their metabolism is affected by inflammation. Inflammation in the body can occur in the digestive system, the joints, and many other areas, making it difficult to achieve any type of result. Digestively, there are many foods that women indulge in that could be making their body worse, including fried foods, refined carbohydrates, soda, and even red meat. Even though margarine is a consistent alternative to butter, it is worse than adding the real thing to the diet.

Reducing inflammation in the body is a simple task, only requiring that the individual makes some dietary changes. Most of these changes simply include avoidance of the triggers for inflammation, but they have an incredible impact on the user’s health. The immune system becomes significantly stronger, regardless of what it is faced with. Plus, without inflammation, users are already going to be consuming foods that are much better for them, making it easier to perform different movements that the program requires.

By reducing inflammation, consumers will also reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Unfortunately, women over age 40 are much more susceptible to these issues since the body cannot handle the same nutrients that it used to.

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The Superfoods

Superfoods, which are also referred to as MetaInfluencers, also play a significant role in the way that consumers can lose weight with this program. More specifically, the superfoods included will help users to initiate a chain reaction within the cells that can unlock the metabolism and make it easier to lose weight, get rid of inflammation, and improve energy levels.

While the website doesn’t go into much detail about the foods that they will take on, they include a reference to a website that offers incredible insight into the foods that can help users to improve energy levels. Bananas, fatty fish, coffee, eggs, apples, and water are just a few of the foods that the program recommends to consumers.

Still, it isn’t enough that these foods help consumers to improve their energy levels (though that is part of the benefits of the MetaBoost Connection program). Users will need to include foods that are able to trigger fat loss in a shocking and effective way. According to a reference included from Medical News Today, integrating foods like nuts and eggs can be an easy way to nourish the metabolism. In a diet, every single food that the individual takes in will make a difference, which is why it is so important to have balance. Coconut oil and green tea are also highly recommended to consumers.

Along with the obvious benefits for weight loss, consumers will be happy to find that their hormones are much more balanced with the use of these organic foods. As a serendipitous side effect, these changes in the hormones can also lead to improvements in the complexion.

Low-Impact Exercise for Trouble Areas

The low-impact exercises are probably one of the most impressive parts of the MetaBoost Connection program. Users don’t need to have any kind of existing experience with this type of workout, which is why Meredith made the movements easy for individuals in their 60s and older to achieve.

The workout is based on isometric movement, which means that the exercises concentrate on particular muscles and muscle groups. The movements in this program help users to specifically burn fat in their hips, arms, and lower abdomen. The purpose of these types of movements is to create more strength without putting any kind of stress on the joints, which is what makes it so helpful to older individuals that might suffer from joint pain or other types of inflammation.

Building up strong muscles is crucial for proper weight loss. Strong muscles require more calories, helping to burn through more fat and nutrients on a daily basis. The movements are much easier for older individuals to achieve, especially since they don’t put the same pressure on the body that other programs might. While it is relatively common to lose muscle mass as the body ages, rebuilding it can be the key to reducing the user’s weight again.

Gaining Weight After Age 40

Finally, this program pays special attention to the way that the body tends to gain weight after age 40. Even during an individual’s 20s and 30s, almost any weight loss program will help them because it works with the natural metabolism of a young adult. Unfortunately, women over this age do not have the same good fortune, which is why it is so important for consumers to engage in a routine that is meant for their needs.

According to experts, the amount of calories that the body needs to maintain itself drops by approximately 30%, even though most consumers keep eating the same amount. Even if the users change nothing in their current routine, they will subtly see a little more weight gain every year. While most consumers won’t notice a pound or two when it is happening, they may realize that they’ve gone up a jean size each year when they finally take a moment to see what has happened so far.

The reason behind these issues also has a little bit to do with changing hormone levels. The amount of estrogen in the body starts to decrease at age 40 as well, which has a ripple effect to other hormones. While insulin starts to increase, thyroid hormones start to drop. If these two changes happened separately, they may not have as significant of an impact on the body. However, by occurring simultaneously, the appetite increases much faster than usual, which usually means that the individual will start to add more calories that the body cannot burn with its current metabolism.

To counteract the increase in the calories, consumers need to increase the amount of exercise that they include in their daily routine while supporting the health of the digestive system. The creators behind the MetaBoost Connection refer to another website to support this idea, focusing on detoxification, drinking more tea and water, and incorporating breakfast smoothies. While it is unclear whether any of these methods are directly used in the program, users will be able to make their purchase online to see if this is the right option for their needs.

Purchasing Access to the MetaBoost Connection

The MetaBoost Connection has the incredible ability to help improve and support the body in so many ways, which is part of the reason that consumers have had such success. However, the success is not just in support of the new weight; women are excited about an opportunity to improve their overall health with a program that is easy to follow and keep up with. Made specifically for women over age 40, users only need to pay $29 to get access to all of the content, which includes:

MetaBoost Metabolic Flush Digital Report

MetaBoost Belly Blaster Digital Report

MetaBody Video with Targeted Exercises & Muscle Awakening Isometric Movements

Exclusive Members ONLY Dashboard

FREE Bonus #1: MetaBoost Shopping List & Recipes

FREE Bonus #2: MetaBalance Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods

Usually, users would have to pay nearly $100 to access all of the materials, but the website currently offers it for a limited time at this low price. Users are able to get a hold of support 24/7 with the exclusive team for members, but anyone who is dissatisfied with the program can get a refund within 60 days of the purchase.

Optional Add-On

Even with all of the included content and bonus materials, consumers can add one more report with their order – MetaBoost Power Shots. The guide is exclusive to the first 100 people who sign up, but it often costs $24.95. For now, users will only have to add $12 to their order to access it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About the MetaBoost Connection

Will the MetaBoost Connection actually work for everyone?

While there is no guarantee that this program is the right solution for every person, one of the advertisements online for this product shows one woman’s incredible success. At 61 years old, she had already become frustrated with the lack of success from other programs. When she decided to engage in the MetaBoost Connection, she managed to lose a total of 40 pounds, equating to 12% of her body fat.

What changes does the MetaBoost Connection require?

Participants in this program will be making changes to the foods that they eat and the type of exercise that they engage in. Users do not have to have any experience in fitness, but they also won’t have to commit to more than a few minutes a day to get the results of the program.

Who is the MetaBoost Connection created to help?

Meredith Shirk – the creator of the MetaBoost Connection – made this regimen to help women over age 40 that struggle to lose weight with conventional methods. It specifically works with the metabolism of older consumers to help them achieve incredible weight loss.

The customer service team can be reached with any questions or concerns by calling 317-662-2322.


The MetaBoost Connection helps women to overcome the challenges that they’ve previously faced with other fitness programs. Users will have access to exclusive diet tips and low-impact workouts that work with their current routine, rather than sacrificing weeks or months for the sake of losing a few pounds. The program doesn’t state exactly what consumers can expect in typical weight loss, but the changes will offer a boost to the user’s health, weight, waistline, and more without disrupting their routine.

There are quite a few MetaBoost Connection reviews from individuals who all seem to be in alignment of the quality, integrity and overall lifestyle activities that are provided and delivered inside Meredith Shirk’s flagship fitness system for women. For example, a post titled ‘MetaBoost Connection Reviews (Meredith Shirk) Real MetaBoost Results or Customer Complaints?’, the researcher shared sentiments in saying, “MetaBoost Connection can be an amazing program for anyone above the age of 40 who wants to lose weight efficiently. The program specifically targets females and the bodily processes that they go through which slow down their ability to melt excess fats. The exercises mentioned in this program are comfortable and can be followed from your home without the use of any expensive equipment. Moreover, the foods that the program talks about are also easily available and extremely healthy. Since SVELTE MetaBoost Connection comes from an expert who has made a name for herself, you can rely on it without having any doubts.”

Likewise, we were extremely happy with the long list of references used on the MetaBoost website. Interested consumers can easily read through the research studies cited on the website by going to the bottom of the page. Our experience has been that these studies are generally legitimate, and many of them are peer-reviewed and conducted by reputable researchers. The fact that this weight loss routine is not a supplement is also helpful; it instead provides users with a long list of tools they can use to boost their metabolism from home.

The program is sold for a lot price of only $29, and its value is even further boosted by a 60 day money-back guarantee. The guide includes three bonuses: a MetaBoost “Body” guide, a guide to hormone imbalances, and a “Shopping List and Recipes” guide. The result is a comprehensive solution to weight loss that can help people look and feel their best by living healthier lives.

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