Hormonal changes when you’re on your period can account for unevenness in breast size across the month. Said Dr Lee: “Pre-menses, they may feel like a bit of engorgement, a bit of distended breasts. But actually the volume is the same – it’s just the feeling of it being bigger.” 

When should you worry about uneven breast size? Dr Lee suggested that if you’re past puberty and observe a sudden asymmetry in your breast, you may have a breast lump; in some cases, breast cancer can also cause the breasts to be asymmetrical. 

In both instances, it’s best to visit a breast specialist who can evaluate and conduct imaging scans to confirm the condition. 


Sagging breasts are associated with several factors, including age, pregnancy, breastfeeding and massive weight loss, and are unlikely to indicate any signs of an underlying medical problem, said Dr Lim. 

Menopause, between the ages of 45 and 50, is also a factor. Dr Lim explained that this stage of a woman’s life leads to a decrease in hormone levels  the breasts become less fibrous and sagging occurs.

Changes to the breast during breastfeeding also contribute to sagging. “To produce milk, the breast tissue is thicker and fuller, so the skin stretches to accommodate the larger breast volume. Once breastfeeding is over, the tissue decreases its volume and size, which could cause it to sag,” Dr Lim explained. 

And what about bras? Dr Lee said that contrary to popular belief, bras – whether wired or non-wired, or even, not worn at all – play no role in changing the structure of your breasts, or preventing or hastening sagging. 

“All bras out there are to provide comfort. It doesn’t actually prevent sagging because it’s a natural progression,” Dr Lee said. 

However, if you have sagging breasts, she advised that wearing a bra can make your breasts feel more supported, reducing the feeling of being “dragged” or weighed down, particularly during rigorous activities such as running.

Here’s what to look out for when it comes to buying a well-fitted bra, the doctors advised: 

  • The band should lie flat around the chest and the back. 
  • The cup should allow the breast to sit comfortably, with the underwire not poking into the skin or your chest.