Charley Santos is competing on HBO Max’s FBoy Island. From his age and hometown to his career and Instagram, here’s everything to know about Charley.

The HBO Max series FBoy Island is one of reality television’s most ambitious dating shows yet, and we’re going to share facts about the chiseled contestant Charley Santos. Although FBoy Island is a blend of popular reality programs, including Love Island and The Bachelor, the show’s frank approach to FBoy contestants is a genius innovation that sets it apart from the rest. Although he is going up against 23 fierce competitors, and the danger of getting slapped with the FBoy label, Charley is determined to make it to the end of this revolutionary dating series.

On FBoy Island, three bachelorettes (CJ Franco, Sarah Emig, and pop music artist Nakia Renee) are looking for love. Their journey to find the right man is complicated by the fact that they have to sift through 24 candidates, half of which are self-professed “FBoys.” Luckily, the other 12 men consider themselves nice guys. This is good, as CJ, Sarah, and Nakia are not looking for an FBoy summer. Throughout the season, the three women are tasked with sorting the good guys from the bad apples during their Cayman Islands stay. One of these potential FBoys is sure to frazzle CJ, Sarah, and Nakia’s judgment. Of course, we’re talking about Charley.

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Charley is 30 years old, 6’1″ tall, and resides in Los Angeles, California. According to an interview that Charley did with Prestige in 2018, the FBoy Island contestant was born and raised in France. Charley also shared that he has been modeling since he was 5 years old. Before joining the cast of men on FBoy Island, Charley built an accomplished modeling career. Charley is represented by talent agencies across the world, including Two Management, Major New York, Wilhelmina Models, NTA, and Front Management. Charley explained that he is passionate about fashion because “It’s a way to express yourself, your personality, your attitude and your [beliefs].” Although Charley is booked and busy as a model, he also works as a fitness and life coach. Charley lives a vegan lifestyle and enjoys physical activities like CrossFit, soccer, and swimming. Charley is also interested in learning more about physiology and business.

In addition to FBoy Island, Charley can be found across all social media platforms. On Instagram, Charley has amassed 51,300 followers and shared over 450 posts. Most of the pics that Charley shares with his thousands of followers are from professional photoshoots. Many of Charley’s posts also chronicle his intense fitness regimen. Like the cast of women on FBoy Island, Charley’s social media is not limited to Instagram. Charley is also active on his TikTok account, FitLikeCharley, where he demonstrates his workout routines. Charley has also uploaded his exercise tips to the YouTube channel he started in May 2020. Charley’s handful of videos have accumulated over 1,100 views.

Charley’s extensive experience as a model and passion for fitness and nutrition might make him appear to be an FBoy at first glance, but his interest in physiology and impressive work ethic separates the 30-year-old Frenchman from the bunch. Fans will have to wait to see if Charley’s success in the modeling world will help him to win the heart of CJ, Sarah, or Nakia. Whether Charley turns out to be an FBoy or a nice guy, he will turn heads on FBoy Island.

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Source: PrestigeCharley Santos/Instagram

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