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Gemma Chan has been acting since 2006 but it wasn’t until a little film called Crazy Rich Asians (ever heard of it?!) that she became a household name. The 38-year-old actress won us over playing the character Astrid (the poised, chic cousin of Nick Young). Meanwhile off-screen, she was recently named an ambassador for L’Oréal.

Gemma shared her thoughts on the partnership with Vogue saying how iconic their tagline, ‘Because I’m worth it,’ is and how it still holds its own today. “It still resonates [today] because it’s an expression of self-worth. It’s permission to take care of yourself, and that’s so important at the moment.” One bit of self care advice that Gemma got from her mom early on was to always take off your makeup before bed. “Always cleanse, tone and moisturize,” she told Vogue UK. “It doesn’t matter how tipsy you might be or what time you got back in, always take your make-up off.” Read on for more of Gemma’s skincare secrets that she’s picked up throughout her career.

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She doesn’t technically wash her face every night.

It just depends on how much makeup she’s wearing. “If I’m wearing a lot of make-up, and I’ve just come home from work, I might need a more thorough cleansing,” Chan told Vogue UK. “But in general, if my skin isn’t too made up, I actually love using a micellar wipe. My skin can be a bit sensitive, so I like the Simple micellar wipes–I find them good for taking off waterproof mascara as well.” She also told Allure in 2018 that she loves them because “they don’t leave an oily residue on my skin, which I can’t stand.”

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She finds solace in her beauty routine.

“My beauty routine went through phases during lockdown,” the actress told Vogue UK. “At the beginning I stopped doing a lot of things – it was nice not to wear make-up and to give my skin a break, as well as to not pluck my eyebrows or bother to brush my hair. Then I reached a tipping point and realized I needed to do these things to feel a bit better [in myself]. It really confirmed to me that a beauty routine is the period of the day – even when you have so little control over what’s going on in the world – that is time just for yourself. It’s calming and meditative. It can really lift your mood to put on a bright lip color or a bit of eyeliner, and even if you’re not going to see anyone during the day, it cheers you up. It was nice realizing that doing those things is more about how it makes you feel than trying to hide anything, or doing it for other people.”

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She uses eye cream on her whole face.

“There’s a really good Revitalift Eye Cream For Face, which I take around with me – it’s really versatile,” Gemma shared with Vogue UK. “You can use it around your eyes or face if you get a bit of dryness during the day, which I sometimes do.”

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She uses a vibrator on swollen eyes.

No, not that kind of vibrator! “When my eyes get puffy, I pull out my Foreo Iris massager — it mimics the tapping used in traditional Asian skin care,” she told InStyle. “It looks like a vibrator, so I call it my ‘eyebrator.’ [laughs] I get funny looks when I use it in the back of a car or when I go through customs at the airport, but it’s so soothing.”

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She believes in the power of skincare before makeup.

The star credits her time in the makeup chair with learning from makeup artists that good makeup lies in the prep. “Prepping the skin really well means you can wear less make-up,” she told Bazaar. “In the past I probably would have had quite dehydrated skin and tried to cover up that dryness with foundation or whatever, whereas now I’m much more about doing those earlier steps and making sure my skin is hydrated first – you can wear much less. I don’t usually wear foundation all over my face, just where I need it. That’s what I’ve learned from the best artists: they’re very sparing in what they use.”

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