Natalie Portman is a celebrity with gorgeous skin.

However, taking care of your skin can be challenging, especially with so many external factors coming into play. Changing weather conditions, pollution, diet and lifestyle can all play into one’s radiance.

It’s a common issue most of us face. It’s not easy at times, especially with celebrities setting the bar too high with their endless endorsements of skincare products.

But taking care of your skin really doesn’t have to be so complicated. You don’t have to shell out huge amounts to pay for simple products to take care of your skin. It can be as easy as making small changes to your daily habits. This can go a long way in ensuring you have clear and radiant skin like Natalie Portman.

Tips to get nice skin like Natalie Portman

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is a big contributor to good skin. Drinking enough water can ensure toxins are regularly flushed out and keep you hydrated, preventing your skin from getting dry or cracked.

Stay hydrated. Image via Pexels/The Lazy Artist Gallery
Stay hydrated. Image via Pexels/The Lazy Artist Gallery

Have a balanced diet

Maintaining a healthy diet has to do with consuming the right nutrients instead of greasy foods that throw your system off balance. Certain micronutrients can be helpful to keep the skin healthy.

Moisturize and protect your skin

Nothing fancy is required here to have your skin closely resemble Natalie Portman’s. The idea is to keep your skin hydrated to make less room for dryness, especially in colder and drier weather conditions. It’s also equally important to use sunscreen if you’re going out to protect your skin from harsh UV sunrays.

Take your supplements

Yes, supplementation is important, especially if you aren’t getting your micronutrients from your food. Vitamin C and B-complexes are especially good for maintaining skin health. In fact, lots of skincare products are made from these extracts.

Exfoliate regularly

With pollution on the rise around the world, it’s easy to damage your skin by getting toxins stuck in it. Exfoliating regularly will clear these toxins and grime out to clean your skin and keep it healthy.

Stay active

Regular exercise not only improves the circulation of nutrients and overall function of the body, it also helps you sweat. This brings the toxins out of your skin and also keeps it moisturized.

Skincare really isn’t that complicated at all! Just a few small improvements to your lifestyle habits are what you need to get healthy, glowing skin like Natalie Portman. Fixes to your internal body can reflect on the outside just as well.

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