Huntington Woods will place seven pieces of exercise equipment in Reynolds Park, such as this two-person wheelchair-accessible chest press.

Photo provided by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

HUNTINGTON WOODS — One of Huntington Woods’ parks will be on the receiving end of new outdoor fitness equipment.

At its Aug. 17 meeting, the Huntington Woods City Commission approved two items related to the placement of outdoor fitness equipment at Reynolds Park. The first item was for park improvements and the installation of the equipment, while the second was for the exercise equipment itself.

The installation will be done by Michigan Recreational Construction for $73,110. Funding from the Huntington Woods Men’s Club in the amount of $60,000 will help offset project costs.

The project includes the removal of a light pole; installation of a 1,884-square-foot concrete pad, seven fitness stations, signage, a 2,055-square-foot concrete walkway from the park’s west entrance to the fitness pad, and three steel benches; adding topsoil and hydroseeding the construction area after completion; top-dressing the existing play area with engineered wood fiber; and adding 14 arborvitaes and shade trees. A sand play area with logs and boulders that was being considered might be replaced or changed, according to Recreation Director Tracy Shanley.

“It’s gonna be amazing once it’s done,” she said. “We’re really excited about this project.”

Huntington Woods’ Recreation Department identified seven pieces of exercise equipment to install in Reynolds Park. The equipment is called a four-person lower body combo, a two-person back and arms combo, a two-person wheelchair-accessible chest press, a two-person butterfly and reverse fly combo, a single recumbent bike, a single leg extension, a four-person leg press and a custom printed announcement board.

The equipment, manufactured by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, was purchased for $33,629.80, which also is offset by the Men’s Club donation.

“You’ve got a significant senior population in the city (and) some people are of the view you should furnish the park or provide in the park equipment that people can use outdoors for a moderate degree of exercise,” Commissioner Jules Olsman told the Woodward Talk.

“Some people think it’s a really good idea,” he continued. “Other people aren’t sure how many people are gonna actually use it, but it’s part of a national trend. It’s not just here, and there’s certainly no harm in it. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s certainly a good thing for people and it’s a small accommodation for the city to make. If there are people who feel that that’s something they want to indulge in, they want to use that type of equipment in an outdoor setting, we’ll make it available.”

Outdoor fitness equipment has been a discussion item for the commission and residents for quite some time. Gail Linden, a resident of Huntington Woods, spoke during the meeting to voice her approval of the equipment for the city’s senior population and those over the age of 14.

“It would be great during COVID if we were outside and doing it, but we managed to do other things. I look forward to it coming in,” she said.

Linden did share some concerns about the project, including the removal of the light pole and the lack of shade for the fitness equipment. She also hopes signage at the area gives thanks to the Men’s Club for its donation.

“It’s not senior exercise equipment,” she said. “It’s for anybody over the age of 14. We do have some concerns that it’s very close to the children, and hopefully that … they won’t be on it.”

Installation of the equipment is expected to be completed this fall.