Women are always on their toes, balancing the various facets of life – from work, to home, to family and personal commitments. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fast becoming an important part of our lives amidst the current situation so, this International Women’s Health Day, read on as Yasmin Karachiwala, Celebrity Fitness Instructor shares how women across India can lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Know What’s Good For Your Body!

2020 was definitely an eye opener for people across the country when it came to health.  The human body and especially a woman’s body requires the right amount of nutrients as the nutrients provide much needed energy to support their busy schedules and help to reduce the risk of disease. A well-balanced diet with wholesome nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, good carbs from pulses green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts like almonds helps keeps the body and mind strong and healthy and provides energy that allows for better sleep, and improves brain function.

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Dals like Moong dal, Urad dal are loaded with Vitamin B, and help in controlling premenstrual syndrome symptoms, and produce healthy red blood cells, which further nourishes the skin and hair. Fresh fruits like banana and berries are low in calories, high in fiber, folate and potassium. These fruits act as antioxidants, which further helps resolve with digestive issues and flush toxins out of the body. Besides these, eating a handful of almonds can go a long way in ensuring better health. Almonds as they are a source of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, zinc etc.  Almonds are also known to provide energy and have satiating properties that promote feelings of fullness, which may keep hunger at bay between meals. Additionally, almonds may help lower the blood sugar impact of carbohydrate foods that they are eaten with affecting fasting insulin levels, making them a great addition for women who are managing type II diabetes. So be sure to add these foods to the diet, to ensure better health in the longer run. 

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Stay Active & Exercise Regularly

Being motivated to stay active in these uncertain times may be challenging, but it’s essential to dedicate time to oneself and workout at least an hour every day. Since this new normal way of life requires everyone to stay indoors, it is important to find ways to stay active with all the work that the day brings, may it be household chores or online meetings and calls. Not giving enough attention to your body may create discomfort in your bones and joints; hence, take out 15 minutes after every 2 hours and practice light exercises like stretching your body, jogging in your room, walking around the house or doing hula-hoops. These exercises will fill your body with much needed energy and help relieve stress. One could go for dedicated exercise hour and opt for Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Zumba or focus on exercises like squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, etc. that helps strengthen the core. This will help in keeping active, staying energized and motivated throughout the week.

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During the ongoing pandemic exercise at home to stay fit
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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While a woman’s focus for the day is to complete that to-do list, many often forget to keep the body hydrated. Sometimes the mind confuses dehydration for hunger, which may lead to binging on unwholesome snacks. So, consuming at least 2-3 liters water every day will help maintain the hydration levels of the body and skin. Drinking water helps in maintaining the normal function of the body and all its cells, muscles, and organs including the heart, brain. It promotes supple skin, fights the body heat, helps to flush out toxins and hide the current signs of aging. You could also drink homemade options like coconut water, buttermilk, fresh lime water (no sugar) or a vegetable clear soup to rejuvenate the body and improve your skin’s health too.


Drink water, coconut water, lemon water and other healthy drink in summer
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Choose Smart Snacking Options

Often women are tied up back-to-back meetings, the need to deliver things as per the schedule or take care of household work. Since we are at home, it is understandable that our new way of taking breaks is a quick Netflix and while we are at it, it’s often tempting to munch on tasty, savoury snacks.  Most unwanted weight gain happens due to this unmindful snacking. It is important to stay away from them and instead eat wholesome foods like almonds. Almonds are a healthy source of energy to help keep you active. Almonds may have satiating properties that may help keep your hunger at bay between meals and provide energy to help manage the festivities without feeling lethargic. So whenever hunger strikes, be sure to munch on a handful of almonds.


Women’s Day 2021: Almonds can offer a wide variety of nutrients
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Focus On Your Mental Health

In the face of a pandemic, everyone around us is going through challenging times. Amidst the pandemic, watching events unfold around us can be overwhelming. However, it is important to continue to keep yourself mentally healthy by making time for yourself. It could be as simple as enjoying your coffee at the verandah, reading a book, and going for a walk while listening to your favorite songs. It could also be just talking to your loved ones and sharing your thoughts, but be sure to make time for yourself everyday!