How often have you heard it said “Two heads are better than one”? It’s also true that a travelling companion makes short of a long and arduous journey. It’s the same for anyone embarking on a journey of health and fitness. You may be determined to get fitter and healthier – but with a professional personal trainer in Rockville, MD by your side, that journey gets easier. And the reason why is more than just about your determination or the company of another soul cheering you!

Helping You Go All the Way!

Persistence and “stickiness” pay many rewards. They often are the difference between accomplishing a personal goal, and giving-up part way through. So, when Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton, said “Determination gets you a long way”, she hit the nail right on the head. If you aren’t passionate or determined enough about accomplishing a personal goal – be it weight loss, overcoming poor physical fitness, embracing healthy eating habits, or kicking an unhealthy habit – it’s likely that you’ll only get that far before you quit.

And that’s where having a personal trainer in Rockville MD can be a great asset. Sometimes, when you are on the cusp of calling it quits, having the support of a professional coach, mentor and trainer can help you over the finish line. But the challenge is, as always, finding that right support to help you go all the way. That’s because your determination needs the right kind of encouragement to ensure you continue through to the end. But who your cheerleader is, and what they add to your determination counts!

The Art and Science of Long-lasting Behavior Change

At organizations like TeamABA Wellness, a professional fitness trainer takes your determination, and supercharges it by using behavior science to get real results. Most determined individuals think breaking a bad habit – like lack of exercise, poor posture or packing a few extra points – will happen with determination. And, while that’s an accurate assumption, a significant number of determined individuals fail to meet their goals. For instance, studies show that many well-intended dieters fail to meet their weight loss goals in the long run.

And why is that so? Psychology and Physiology. Experts tell us it takes more than simple determination to make lasting behavioral change. And working with a personal trainer in Rockville, MD to apply the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), can leverage your determination to change undesired behavior for the long haul.

While loud cheers and inspirational quotes and chants may get you to modify your behavior in the interim, longer-lasting results require more than verbal encourage and moral support. ABA is a data-driven approach that uses assessment and analysis-based observations to help individuals and groups accomplish their health and fitness goals – one data point at a time.

The evidence-based health and fitness programs rely on real life data points based on each participants behavior – not templates or generic charts. No two individuals react the same to identical fitness and wellbeing regimens – even though the end goals might be the same. With the ABA approach, experts tailor the interventions individually to everyone’s behavior modification requirements. They do so by using personalized data points, data analytics and behavior psychology. This not only assures successful behavior modification, but also guarantees it for the long-haul!


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