It’s his day! – 5 health tips for men this Father’s Day | Photo Credit: Pixabay&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • 20 June is observed as Father’s Day across the globe

  • The health of men and women may be affected over time with age

  • A lot of stigmas is associated with the mental and overall health of men, therefore, it must be encouraged and talked about for their well-being

New Delhi: Father’s day or not, the efforts and contributions of men should be appreciated and acknowledged throughout the year. The mental and physical health of men often tends to go overlooked due to the stigma associated with the same. According to “Recognizing depression in men, from the Harvard Mental Health Letter”, a press release published in the Harvard Health Publishing, “About 10% to 17% of men will develop major depression at some point in their lives. Yet many men are reluctant to convey their feelings and seek help when they are in despair.” Furthermore, suicide due to depression among men is more prominent as compared to women.

Age – A challenge to men’s health

The human body tends to get progressively weak over time. One may not be as healthy and active in their 40s as they were in their 20s. With ageing, comes various challenges that can be overcome with efforts channelled in the right direction at the right time. Some commonly faced challenges may include:

  • As men reach their 30s noticing changes in metabolism, weight, and orthopaedic health is common. It’s essential to take care of the changes to prevent further health complications. 
  • Health complications such as joint issues and visions problems start creeping in as men reach their 40s. It is advised to be vigilant of the changes and get a prostrate, colon screening done. 
  • The health of men starts deteriorating further as they reach their 50s. Several health complications can be witnessed and it is advised to maintain a regular physical examination schedule to ensure health. 

Tips for a healthier life

Here are some tips for a healthier and happier life:

  1. Don’t miss an appointment: Be regular and consistent with your health appointments to ensure that your body is functioning well. Skipping or avoiding appointments and checkups may lead to aggravation of overlooked symptoms that may further progress into a severe health condition. 
  2. Exercise regularly: Exercising can offer various health benefits such as healthy weight management and maintaining bone and muscle health. The benefits can directly contribute to the reduced risk of developing cardiovascular, cognitive, muscular, and skeletal conditions. Therefore, a regular exercise routine must be followed.
  3. Be wary of your health: The human body has ways of indicating any dysfunction in the body. One must be vigilant of the signs and symptoms and on stumbling upon one, a healthcare professional must be consulted immediately.
  4. Eat well: A healthy diet is essential in maintaining a healthy body. Include a nutrition-rich diet that can help fulfil the daily nutrition requirement and provide energy to get through every day’s hustle and bustle. Consult a nutritionist for better dietary recommendations that fit one’s individual health.
  5. Improve lifestyle: Get rid of unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, not resting well, and drinking as they can increase the risk of mental health conditions such as depression, insomnia, and bipolar disorder, as well as physical health conditions such as emphysema, erectile dysfunction, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Despite the day, men are an important part of the family. Apart from following the above-mentioned tips, do not forget to put on your favourite playlist and relax or break a move on your favourite tune. It must be kept in mind that your family wishes for your health and presence, so be there, enjoy yourself, and always remember to take a break.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.