The singer-turned-OnlyFans star has opened up about feeling anxious despite recently moving in to a spacious new home as she gets candid with fans via her magazine column

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Kerry Katon has has candidly revealed she is suffering from a crippling bout of anxiety – and has warned fans to make a distinction between lives they witness on social media to those of real life.

The 40-year-old singer and OnlyFans star has hinted at the financial struggles she recently endured – having survived a bankruptcy and becoming able to rent a £2 million property.

While Kerry has been celebrated for turning her life around after reaching a financial rock bottom, she has hinted that the home she rents for almost £10,000 a month is betraying a truth.

The star – who has battled addiction and mental health struggles in the past – said she is striving to get through every day at the moment while feeling like the weight of the world is on her back.

Kerry Katona has opened up about her mental health struggles



Writing in her column for New! Magazine, Kerry explained: “I’ve been struggling with my mental health this week.

“It doesn’t matter how big your house is or how much money you have in the bank, anxiety and depression doesn’t just go away.”

She went on to write: “My anxiety has been through the roof – it’s crippling me at the minute.”

Kerry recently moved in to a £2 million property



In recent weeks it has been revealed Kerry has gained the financial security to rent a huge house for herself and her family.

But she continued in her column: “I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, but it doesn’t stop the issues I have. I don’t want people to be fooled by what they see on Instagram – just because I live in a nice house it doesn’t mean I’m not struggling mentally.”

She added: “Once we’ve properly settled and we’ve got ourselves into a routine, I might feel differently.”

Kerry said there is a divide between the life she displays online to the one she is really living



Kerry moved in to her spacious new Cheshire mansion last month and had explained she was entering a “new chapter” of her life with the move.

The star was moved to tears when she gave fans a tour of the new property and as she seemingly reflected on the highs and lows of her life.

She said in an online video: “I know right? I honestly to God just can’t believe it.

“Who’d have thought I’d have made it through? If you were to put a bet at the bookies if I was going to end up dead, I’d have taken that bet.”

Kerry moved in to her new home after leaving the house she shared with late husband, George Kay, who died aged 39 in 2019 following a suspected drugs overdose.

Touching on her chaotic past, Kerry continued in her video: “The last time I lived here (in Cheshire) I was doing loads of coke, losing all my money. I can’t believe I’ve made it. I’ve been at death’s door.”

Kerry’s late husband George Kay died in 2019


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The star previously filed for bankruptcy in 2008 following an unpaid tax bill of £86,000.

She has more recently launched a profile on OnlyFans – and explicit photo sharing website that the public can access by paying a subscription fee.

Kerry has claimed she has made £1 million since signing up to the app – and has also defended the fact her teenage daughters take the racy photos that she then shares for a price.