Kevin Richardson had been suffering from back pain for decades. Richardson’s doctor recommended surgery to prevent him from becoming crippled. Back pain prevented him from going to the gym, swimming, being intimate with his wife, and even affected his work. But, after using acupressure, Richardson shares that his health has improved. He can walk, exercise, get quality sleep, and most importantly, enjoy pain-free sex. The Meridian Pain Protocol gave him relief within 30 days. According to Kevin Richardson, this treatment program can be used by people of all ages regardless of if you are in perfect shape or not.

According to Singapore-based Master Lim, “False Signals” are the major causes of chronic back pain. Lim asserts that “False signals” are when you feel excruciating pain while someone else feels just a pinch for the same pain. Medically, “false signals” are referred to as Peripheral Sensitization or Central Sensitization. “False signals” is the leading cause of back pain and cannot be diagnosed by modern medicine. So naturally, your sensory system sends messages to your brain to act on an impulse. For example, when you feel cold, your brain tells you to put on warm clothes.

However, when something happens and triggers the sensor too much, then they become overstimulated. With time, the signals become permanently substantial. Thus, what would seem normal pain to another person becomes too strong for you. For example, the lights become too bright, or the pain becomes too intense. Richardson shares that the somatosensory cortex (part of the brain where sensory data is analyzed) increases the back pain intensity.

Master Lim’s back pain solution is called “Meridian TouchPoint.” Kevin Richardson shares that this technique is the most effective method of treating back pain. However, Master Lim was a busy man, and getting an appointment with him was very difficult. Still, Kevin Richardson was able to get him via a “Zoom” meeting. Master Lim directed him on what to do to cure his back pain. Kevin claims that a few minutes after following Master Lim’s acupressure treatment, the back pain reduced. Furthermore, master Lim assured him that several days after following the Meridian Touch Protocol, his brain would be “re-trained,” and he will recover permanently.

What are the features of Meridian TouchPoint?

  • You only need to spend 5-10 minutes daily to perform the exercises.
  • Anyone at whatever age can use this treatment method.
  • You do not require any expensive equipment.

How was the Meridian Pain Protocol born?

Kevin asked Master Lim to partner with him and prepare a master class to help other individuals living with back pain. The Meridian Pain Protocol uses an ancient Chinese healing art known as acupressure. Acupressure involves stimulating your body to heal itself. The acupressure master only needs to locate the location on your body where your energy is blocked.

After applying gentle pressure for about 60-120 seconds, you will experience a sudden warm feeling and relaxation, and your pain disappears. While you can perform acupressure by yourself, the biggest challenge is discovering the right pressure points.

What is Meridian Pain Protocol?

Master Lim has spent several years in the university studying acupressure. Using his professional background, Master Lim has created a 10-minute ritual that anyone can do. The Meridian Pain Protocol is a 6-part master class program that can help you get rid of back pain permanently. In addition, this system is easy and simplified to help you live a pain-free life without the use of expensive surgery, therapies, or drugs. What’s more, the Meridian Pain Protocol is available online thus, after purchasing it, you get instant access. Furthermore, you do not have to wait for the material to be shipped to you.

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What do you get after purchasing the Meridian Pain Protocol?

Meridian Pain Protocol involves six videos that provide you with information on getting rid of your back pain.

Meridian Pain Protocol Module One: Meridian Self-Assessment

You cannot start the Meridian Pain Protocol without identifying the source of your back pain. Master Lim provides you with videos that can help you self-diagnose the actual cause of your pain. Through the self-assessment, you will be able to locate the right Meridian TouchPoints to provide you with a permanent cure for intense back pain.

To begin with, Master Lim assists you in finding your “Risk Factor Score.” The “Risk Factor Score” helps you determine if your pain can spread to other body parts or whether it will worsen with time. In addition, Master Lim takes you through simple body movement activities that can offer you instant relief, including:

  • How your general movement like sitting, squatting, walking, standing, etc., can cause misdiagnosed pain.
  • How some fitness classes cause intense back pain
  • Master Lim explains to you how obesity causes lower back pain.
  • How improper gym techniques and living a sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact your back.

In addition, Master Lim helps you go through a simple self-test to determine your flexibility.

Meridian Pain Protocol Module Two: Cause of back pain

In this module, Master Lim assists you on how to identify the different types of back pain. Similarly, you will discover:

  • The scientific evidence on how acupressure can help relieve back pain
  • Causes of back pain
  • Top nine minerals and vitamins that can benefit your back

Meridian Pain Protocol Module Three: The 12 Meridians

This module helps you discover the meridians in your body. Similarly, you will find out:

  • How ancient Chinese medicine used the meridians to heal the body
  • How the meridians in your body make an “energy pathway.”
  • How acupressure gets rid of energy blockers simply through touch
  • How the 12 meridians can cause pain and how they are connected to other body parts

Meridian Pain Protocol Module Four: Neck and Shoulders

In this module, Master Lim discloses a part of the 10-minute daily ritual that can transform your life. You will find out:

  • Self-therapy techniques that can alleviate pain on the shoulders and neck
  • How the longest meridian in your system could be the cause of neck and shoulder pain
  • Getting rid of pain caused by sitting for too long,
  • An exercise that can relieve migraines, flu, and stiffness

Meridian Pain Protocol Module Five: Upper Back

In this module, Master Lim helps you discover:

  • An exercise using a towel and tennis ball to strengthen your upper back
  • How a resistance band can improve your flexibility regardless of age
  • How to perform these exercises at your pace

Meridian Pain Protocol Module Six: Lower Back

Master Lim takes you through exercises that can help relieve lower back pain.

You will discover:

  • Simple exercises that can help stretch and strengthen your lower back
  • Using a chair and yoga mat to enhance your lower back
  • Three self-therapy procedures can permanently get rid of lower back pain. The “camel and cat” exercise can benefit your lower back.
  • The acupressure point behind the knee that aids in detoxification.

Meridian Pain Protocol Bonuses

The Anti-Pain Cookbook

According to Kevin, your source of pain could be from the foods you eat. The cookbook includes recipes and meal plans that could help you beat pain.

The Pain-Free Sleep Protocol

Master Lim helps you discover how getting quality sleep can help get rid of back pain. Similarly, he offers simple meditation and relaxation techniques, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, and massages that can improve your sleep quality.

The Health Secrets Bible

Through the Health Secrets Bible, Master Lim shares vital information on how you can improve your health and vitality. Some of the information you will get inside this e-book include foods that benefit diabetic people, the seven causes of poor digestive health, the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy foods that can improve cognitive health.

Purchasing the Meridian Pain Protocol

You can purchase the Meridian Pain Protocol from the official website. The original price is $77, but you can immediately download the Meridian pain Protocol for a one-time payment of only $37 for a limited time. A 365-day money-back guarantee backs this product. For further information, customer service can be reached via the contact form on the official website or by:

  • Address: Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd, 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1043 Camas, WA 98607

Meridian Pain Protocol Conclusion

Back pain affects millions of individuals globally. The Meridian Pain Protocol is a program that can help you permanently get rid of back pain problems so that you can enjoy your favorite activities. According to Master Lim, this program should work for you. However, if you do not have any significant improvement after one year, you will get a full refund.

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