The food we consume and the lifestyle we lead forms an essential part of our lives. A healthy lifestyle comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, keeps the body energised and removes the risk of chronic pain. It also helps in looking younger and healthier. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr Namita Nadar, Head Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “Your health should be the main priority throughout your life, especially when you are in 30’s. For some people, losing excess body weight can improve several aspects of their physical health, including their blood sugar and blood pressure levels, inflammatory markers, and mobility.”

Namita Nadar further noted down a few easy diet tips for women in their 30s which should be followed on a daily basis in order to lead a healthy life. They are:

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Sustainability: Sustainability is the key. Often women in their 30s follow countless diet and detox initiatives which cause them to lose weight rapidly. However, this can reduce the calorie intake of the body, leading to loss of power.

Health and happiness: A diet which doesn’t keep you happy and makes you lose the motivation should not be followed. The prime focus should be merging healthy and happy together into a nutritious diet.

Stay hydrated: The activity level of the body heavily depends on the fluid intake. Hydration of the body also helps in maintaining the weight.

Added sugar: Women promoting weight loss should cut down on the added sugar in their diet. The nutritionist further suggested that usage of all forms of sweeteners should be avoided.

Sleep: Deprivation of sleep leads to weight gain as it causes the hunger hormone to make weight maintenance a tougher task. Namita Nadar recommended at least 7 hours of healthy sleep for women in their 30s.

Slow and steady: Weight loss is a lengthy process. “Weight loss is a complicated process that involves compensatory changes in the body that slow weight loss over time and encourage weight regain,” said Namita Nadar.

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