For some women, hair loss symbolizes a transition in life.

It may not be an overnight transformation, but over time, you find clumps of hair scattered all over your pillow. Or, maybe you notice signs of thinning hair on your bathroom sink. One look in the mirror can be devastatingly emotional.

Female hair loss occurs for many reasons, often related to hormonal changes after pregnancy or during menopause. People with thyroid and stress disorders are also susceptible to female hair thinning.

This is why Nutrafol, a leader in the hair wellness and growth space, has formulated hair growth products that work from within!

Their whole-body health approach to hair growth is based on biology and clinical proof from doctors. The folks at Nutrafol know that hair loss for women can be embarrassing.

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But this is more common than you’d think.

The truth is that 40 percent of women will experience hair loss by the time they’re 50. Undesirable hair changes can hurt a woman’s self-esteem, especially when social pressures equate femininity with having beautiful, thick locks. 

While covering up the problem with a hat is a temporary solution, it won’t magically bring back hair — and that’s where these tips come in.

Why use Nutrafol for hair thinning?

Nutrafol is a pioneer for hair wellness, providing a holistic approach to hair health that is backed by science.