As students lie in a corpse pose on a yoga mat, calming music is played at a low volume while lights are dim in a repurposed garage.

Mari Gonzalez, a yoga instructor, tells yogis to take deep breaths and let their bodies “melt” into the floor at a class aimed to help back and hip pain. Normally, yoga sessions are hot, with heaters warming the room to about 95 degrees.

“Find your breath,” Gonzalez said in a soothing voice. “For the next hour, you are free from your troubles. Free from your worries. For the next hour, focus on you and healing your soul.”

Gonzalez and her fiancé, Ryan “Ry” Adames, opened SOMOS Yoga in March 2021 on Ayers Street behind Hester’s Café. She said the goal for their studio is to bring awareness to yoga and the healing properties it brings people.