Sonnalli Seygall, an avid fitness enthusiast, keeps sharing snippets of her workout sessions on her social media. Apart from inspiring everyone with her dedication and consistency, she also regularly shares health and fitness tips on Instagram.

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As such, the actor recently busted some common myths about women’s fitness. Wondering what they are? Take a look at the video below.

Myth: Strength training will cause a woman to get bulky.

Fact: Sonnalli explained that strength training will not give a woman bulky, masculine muscles “unless she is supplementing with testosterone and consuming far from calories than she is burning”.

Myth: You should not eat right after a workout.

Reality: It is crucial to eat after your workout as your body needs nutrients to heal your body and make it stronger. “Don’t deprive yourself,” she said.

Myth: You can jump right into training without working on your weak areas.

Reality: “It is imperative to strengthen our weaker areas in order to improve our overall strength and functional fitness,” the actor said.

Myth: You should only do cardio to lose weight.

Reality: While many believe that cardio exercises are enough to lose weight, it’s not true. “The best game plan is a combination of cardio and strength training, depending on your goals,” Sonnalli said.

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