GALESBURG — Kadin Spencer is pretty open about the challenges he faces on a regular basis.

The 2021 Galesburg High School grad wasn’t always that way. He kept his severe anxiety mainly to himself.

“I always kind of held it in. I didn’t really like telling people because I felt like they’d judge me on it,” Spencer said Wednesday afternoon at Lake Bracken Country Club after working a shift as a member of the golf course maintenance crew. “After telling all my friends and all of them saying it’s not that big of a deal, I’m open about it. 

“It’s really not that big of a deal telling people. I do and then that way they don’t think ‘he’s a weird kid. He’s awkward. He doesn’t talk at all,’ ” he added. 

The coronavirus pandemic changed Spencer’s mindset. 

“Just a light switch type thing,” he said. “It was probably about the summer of last year when COVID happened. It just clicked all of a sudden and I was like ‘I’ll just be open about it. I’ll go back out for baseball. I’ll tell people more about it.'”