U.S. Army Major and keen CrossFitter Tony Nash has never considered himself an endurance athlete, but when he partnered with Ten Thousand on one of their “Feats of Strength” events, he chose a challenge which would push his physical—and mental—fortitude to their absolute limits.

Nash took on a half-marathon on a SkiErg, followed by a full marathon on a BikeErg, a half-marathon on a RowErg, and finally, a half-marathon on an AssaultRunner; a total of 66 miles.

“I chose to do this Feat of Strength because I’m not an endurance athlete,” he says. “But then I ask myself: Why not? When I show up every day, and I fully commit, I’m undefeated. Day after day after day, if you just keep showing up, you’re going to get where you want to go.”

Nash prepared for his attempt by training at 5 a.m. every day, including up to 120 all-out minutes on several days, 90 percent effort on others, and just one rest day, to ensure that he would be able to last all four components of the challenge in New York City.

“It’s me vs. the machines,” he says, “and I’m winning today.”

He starts with the SkiErg, and completes his first half-marathon distance in 1:40, then moves onto the full marathon on the BikeErg, ending with a time of 1:45. Then he tackles the RowErg half-marathon in 1:51, and finishes off with a 3:32 half-marathon on the AssaultRunner.

“I want people to blow my record out of the water,” he says. “Not only do I welcome it, but I highly encourage people to come and get after it, or go even further distances.”

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