#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that can help ease leg pain

23 May 2021: #HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that can help ease leg pain

Running around doing errands and hectic work schedules can eventually take a toll on our legs. Resting the feet and giving them a massage are quick means to relax your feet. However, in the long run, there are several yoga asanas that can help strengthen your leg muscles and make them feel lighter. Follow these restorative asanas to help relieve leg pain.

Viparita karani: Viparita karani or legs-up-the-wall pose

Sit with feet in front of you, facing a wall. Lie on your back. Take a deep breath. Raise your legs against the wall with the soles of your feet facing upwards. Rest your back on the floor forming a 90-degree angle. Lift your hips by placing both hands beneath it for support. Hold this position. Slowly come down and relax.

Paschimottanasana: Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend

Sit with your spine erect and legs stretched out. Inhale and raise both your arms directly above the head. Exhale and bend your arms forward. Rest your head on your lap and keep your hands on the floor. Hold this position. Inhale, as you stretch your arms above your head. Exhale and bring your hands down. Repeat this 10 times.

Janu sirsasana: Janu sirsasana or seated forward fold variation

Sit with your legs stretched out. Bend your right knee and place the right foot against the left inner thigh. While inhaling, raise both your arms to either side of the head. Bend your body toward the right toe and lower your arms to the toe. Place your hands on your ankle or hold your foot. Inhale and come back to the starting position.

Setu bandhanasana: Setu bandhanasana or supported bridge pose

Lie down on your back with arms on the side. Bend your knees keeping ankles and knees in a straight line. Inhale, and lift your back off the floor. Roll in your shoulders, and let your chin touch your chest. Engage your butt muscles. Interlock your fingers beneath your back and let them support the back. Hold the position. Exhale and release the pose.

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